Compass Rose Games provides Serious Game development services for corporate and medical clients and consulting services to game developers.


Serious Games

Compass Rose Games designs and develops games for corporate training, disease management, and improved decisions making. Our approach is focused on two critical areas:

        Compelling game play

        A rich output of data from our games


Compelling game play is a critical part of any serious game, and is often given short shift in projects that are focused strictly on skills training. This is unfortunate, because compelling play is more memorable than boring play and leads to better retention of skills over time. To succeed in training or teaching a game (or any other teaching medium) must keep the students interest.


A rich output of data is also vitally important in serious games. Well designed data gathering systems allow players to prove competency, create data that shows the effectiveness of the game in teaching, monitor improvements in ability of the players and can be compared with data from other sources to measure the over all effectiveness of the game.


We understand that a corporate, medical or academic client needs statistical proof that a game is working to justify its use and we design our games with this in mind.


Consulting Services

We have extensive experience in pricing strategy, business to business marketing, and C-level sales. We help our clients maximize the value of their games with innovative pricing strategies that are supported by excellent marketing.If you are a developer trying to enter the serious games market in medical, telecommunications, financial services, or industrial training we have experts available to bring your product to market in a way that generates the maximum profitability and creates the strongest long term revenue stream.


If you have an innovative concept for an entertainment game we can also help maximize the value of your game by performing value analysis on your game and helping you find the optimum pricing strategy. See our press and partners page for our article on pricing strategy for games.